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Sources of wealth in the chart - Money houses, pt.2

Can you make money through the 2nd house only? Are there other ways to make a living? In this post I will talk about different money houses and their significations.

The main two houses for money are 2nd and 11th. 2nd house is a house of sustenance. The resources that sustain you in life. It could be material wealth but can be viewed in a broader sense as your core beliefs, your basic sense of self-worth, understanding your needs. It is the house of food you eat and wealth that you receive through your family of origin. Subsequently, it shows core values or beliefs of your family that you most likely adopted. 2nd house shows accumulated money, money in the bank, cash flow, money you spend on food and quality of that food as a result. It is also house of the mouth, teeth, and things we ingest: drinks, food, drugs, smoking. It is also a house of speech. Here, we can see that money are related to seemingly unrelated things in life: how and what you say, eat, and think of yourself.

11th - house of gains. It's a kama house or a house related to our desires. Money should be one of our desires and goals in life according to Vedic thought (other 3 aims of life are: dharma, moksha, and artha). 11th house represents our ability to gain money. It is also 2nd from the 10th, representing money that you get from your career. 11th house is also related to friends, groups of people, and social circle. Here, we can draw a conclusion that networking and making an effort on expanding our social circle can in fact be good for our wealth. It is upachaya house, or house that tends to develop and grow over time. So, it can represent gains from money that grow over time, i.e. investment.

Then, there are so called Lakshmi houses, 5th and 9th.

5th - house is a house of past good karma, including good financial karma. This house shows wealth through one's own efforts, speculation, stock market, creative approach to making money, things you produce with your creative mind. People who win lotteries often have strong 5th house. Generally, gains associated with 5th house involve some degree of risk.

9th house is a house of good luck, wealth, and abundance. Related to the sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. It also is could show money coming from father or father like figure, family, or past good karma.

1st house is a house of the Self. Strong and well placed ruler of the 1st house will give a person strengths and ability to project themselves in the world. Lagna is the house of the Self. So when the lagna ruler goes to a specific house, it connects the self with the significations of that house. Naturally, lagna ruler positioned in dusthanas ( or difficult houses ) 6, 8, and 12 will create difficulties in person's ability to project the self. On the other hand, 1st house ruler in 1,5,9 and 4,7, 10 will give greater chances of increasing wealth due to the strength of the lagna.

When rulers of these money houses combine, it creates wealth combination called dhana yoga. During the periods of planets participating in dhana yoga, one can expect increase in wealth and fortune with money. If these money combinations are conjunct or aspected by Jupiter or Venus, it strengthens them. If they happen to be in difficult houses 6, 8, or 12, aspected by malefics like Saturn or Mars, it can signify money loss. If dhana yoga is formed in other houses of horoscope, you can gain wealth from significations of that house. You can check my previous post on Source of Wealth, pt.1 where I talk about Jupiter placements in different houses and apply the interpretation to where the dhana yoga is formed.


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