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Jyotish is an “eye of Vedas” that shines light onto one’s life path. I help my clients to discover their unique planetary makeup so they can act with confidence, clarity, and at the right time. 

I practice


Astrologer’s code of ethics I live by:


Ahimsa - non-violence. First and foremost, do no harm.

Satya - truthfulness. Speaking truth is simple and easy.

Asteya - nonstealing. 

Brahmacharya - nonexcess or practicing the concept of “enough”.

Aparigraha - nonpossessiveness or practice of letting-go.

Saucha - purity, mental and physical.

Santosha -  contentment, being satisfied with what is.

Tapas - self-discipline.

Svadhyaya - self-study.

Ishvara Pranidhana - surrender to God, spiritual practice.

I believe


That self-awareness is a basis of all success.

That there are no hard and fast rules or recipes that work for everyone. Your unique planetary makeup will define the best answers for you and only you.

That self-knowledge removes fear and worry.

That Jyotish paves the way towards self- understanding, acceptance and self-love.

Originally from Russia, I moved to US in 2002 where I discovered transformation power of Kundalini Yoga that led to discovery of Vedic astrology. I had my first reading done by a friend Kundalini Yoga teacher who revealed a lot of hidden undercurrents in my life and helped to discover some major trends that were ruling it. It was a transformational and eye-opening experience. I started studying Vedic astrology with the desire to inspire people on path self-growth and alleviate the fear of the future. It is my great honor to help you discover your inner potential and help you thrive using ancient science of Jyotish. 

Before becoming Vedic astrologer, I was Software Engineer and hold degree in Computer Science from Simmons College, Boston, MA. Later, in my engineering career I was working primarily as iPhone developer. My technical background allows me to employ a highly analytical and non-judgmental approach to reading charts. It is my wish is to provide you with a focused approach to maximizing positive aspects of the chart as well as working with negative ones in a practical manner. 


I started studying Jyotish under the guidance of my teachers Marianna Polonsky and James Kelleher. In 2018, with Marianna's blessing, I began my professional astrology practice. I am continuing my education in Jyotish to this day, deepening my practice and expanding on my knowledge in this vast science.

In 2021, I received my Professional Coach accreditation from ICF (International Coaching Federation) and started offering coaching sessions as continued support after astrology readings.

I have been studying the art of healing, Sat Nam Rasayan, under the guidance of Master of Sat Nam Rasayn Guru Dev since 2020.

Here you can find out more about readings I am offering.

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