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Anna B.

(Astrology and Coaching client)

I decided to write the review because I recently found the notes from my reading with Olga 3 years ago. I re-read them and was shocked - everything was true! I did move to another country, changed the culture and changed the career. She was right about my true calling and I received the encouragement and confirmation and switched to plant medicine and flower essence therapy work, found my path and my true calling. To understand how the plants are influencing my life, to understand why am the way I am, why I have the periods of ups and downs that hit the rock bottom no matter how hard I try - all this was a gift of getting the reading. I have learnt about my strengths and weaknesses, my struggles and karmic lessons  - this allows me to make better choices in life. I strongly recommend to do the reading to everyone who wants to understand Who You Are! And Olga herself is so passionate and knowledgeable, caring and compassionate, but at the same time delivers the Truth without making it sugar coated, but isn't it why you ask for the reading?

Fletcher W.

(Astrology client)

I had a consultation with Olga. It was timely and felt right on. It re-affirmed my decision. I plan to proceed with confidence. Previously, I had been going back and forth about my choices. I recommend Olga. She is easy to speak with. She listens and provides great insight. Thanks Olga.

Mihir Singh

(Astrology and Coaching client)

I was a bit skeptical of Olga's ability to provide comprehensive insight during my first one-on-one coaching session, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much depth we were able to achieve during our conversation. Anybody that has an experience with a good therapist will know that they do not give you answers but will rather help you uncover layers to yourself so that you can actively find solutions to your problems.

She did a great job at guiding me and prompting me to ask myself certain questions that I had never previously considered, and gave me insight into how I could analyze my own situation through different perspectives.

The ultimate goal of getting therapy of any sorts should be to gain knowledge on how to analyze your own perspective more thoroughly and without bias. My problems are far from being solved but I do feel as though I have a better sense of how to see various patterns in my thinking, which can lead to more thorough and positive self-reflection.

Nathan H.

(Astrology client)

Olga provided clear and helpful astrological advice that supported the guidance of my company members and I. Olga is a master astrologer who can interpret and understand complex planetary patterns extremely quickly. I highly recommend a session with Olga! She will leave you in awe with her accurate guidance and calm demeanor.

Katie K.

(Astrology client)

I really enjoyed my Astrological reading with Olga. Not only it was insightful and very accurate but also within 20 min we were able to identify the main issue. I've been struggling with "symptoms" for years, and have had my guess about the "root cause". I was pleasantly surprised that Olga saw it and pointed it out right away. So now I know what to work on and which direction to move. She also gave me great recommendations on literature and remedies for my situation. Not only she has a very pleasant personality, she is also a talented professional who is knowledgeable about other healing modalities and yogic practices. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is in the midst of uncertainty or a difficult situation or is simply curious to learn more about themselves to achieve a happier and more balanced state of mind.

Julia Z.

(Astrology client)

I'm very happy with Olga's consultation! She is very professional, friendly and compassionate. She gave me great insight on the questions that worried me.
I've had several astrological readings before, but I liked Olga's the most because she really inspired me and helped me see opportunities. It wasn't just "you are having a difficult period, just tolerate it", after our consultation I have great ideas for the future.

Nata M.

(Astrology client)

I've just had the session with Olga trying to find out what it the best location for me to move ("Astrolocation"). Not only she gave me in-depth explanation of how it works, she really directed my attention to the areas of my life I was worried about. Having a strong knowledge base, Olga also works from intuition and compassion, which makes communication with her so joyful and calming.

After the session I feel like whatever is happening is not the end of the world and have a clear sense of direction.

Try the session with and share, that way we can inspire each other and so many more.

Scott C.

(Astrology client)

This was my first astrological reading. I am very satisfied. Not only was she able to answer all of my questions, and explain with great detail things that are affecting me, she did it in a very confident and professional manner. I absolutely trust Olga's insight, and will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

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