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Ancient Vedic practices to find purpose, vitality, and self-expression by working with the planet Sun

Signs of a Challenged Sun might look like…

  • Lack of purpose and clarity in life. You’re not sure what you are meant to do in this lifetime.

  • Lack of vitality, happiness, and energy.

  • Hesitancy to express yourself. You shy away from being at the center of attention, asserting yourself, being a leader.

  • Having a hard time getting recognized for your efforts.

  • Problems with authorities.

  • Self-doubt, low self-worth, self-consciousness, lacking in self-confidence.

  • Melancholy, depression, postpartum depression.

  • Problems with the father, having a difficult father, abusive father, or a father who was absent or indifferent in childhood.

  • Codependency, lack of autonomy.

  • Lack of conviction in your ideas, low willpower.

  • Looking for others to take responsibility for your life, your actions, and well-being.

  • Lack of sovereignty, self-reliance, and inner authority.

  • Having challenges getting hired, finding a job that you love.

Course on Remedial Measures for the Sun $27

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