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Vastu workshop - Heal you space to heal your life

In this lecture, you'll learn: - history of Vastu, its origins - about Vastu Purusha, living deity of your house - your house as reflection of your mind and key to happiness - how to arrange your belonging inside the house for a prosperous life - how your house correlates with planets and different aspects of life: career, love life, health, etc. - what do different planets mean and how they influence your wellbeing - what planets and parts of the house to work with, in order to bring the desired changes - what to look for when you are renting or purchasing a house Vastu is a sister science to Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and comes from India. Come and learn the basics of the ancient science of Vastu, an Indian art of placement. It is a practical workshop, and you'll be able to apply these techniques right away. All you need is a compass app on your phone! After purchase, you will be able to download diagram of Vastu Purusha for your reference [image].



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