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Calm heart - 40 days evening meditation challenge
Calm heart - 40 days evening meditation challenge

Thu, Jan 19



Calm heart - 40 days evening meditation challenge

Over the course of 40 days, layer after layer, we will work on releasing heavy weight of emotions from the heart center. It will be a gradual process. Overtime you will feel lighter, will be able to breath more deeply, and feel happier.

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Time & Location

Jan 19, 2023, 9:00 PM PST


About the event


Heart chakra holds the energy of all emotions. Heavy emotions like anger, resentment, all relationships hurts are stored in this energy center, or heart chakra. Throughout life we collect emotions that we did not process or we did not let ourselves to live through at the time. Sometimes, when we are stressed we do not have the time to process emotions, so they stay frozen and accumulate in the heart year after year.

From early childhood, most of us learnt a habit of  "stuffing emotions down" because it's not convenient for parents to deal with them. I raise this topic not to blame anyone, but to ask you "what will you do with it now?"

When we go through life, carrying the heavy  bag of unprocessed emotions, we start living life out of desire to feel less because we cannot handle to feel more. We build relationships, make choices, and live everyday lives to make it less emotionally painful, because we do not have more room to "process it".

Signs of a blocked heart center:

- You have hard time making a deep breath. Instead your breath is shallow.

- You feel tightetning in the chest or diaphragm

- You wake feeling depressed and unmotivated. It feels like low key depression, lack of interest in life

- You have hard time dealing with the other people. Engaging with others feels "too much", heavy, and unpleasant.

- You feel anxious after interacting with others

- You do not recognize your own desires. You THINK you want something, but have hard time discerning if you FEEL like it

This meditation challenge will address the issue of releasing heavy emotions from the heart center.

Length of meditation is roughly 25 min.

What's included:

- We will meet in Zoom, every night at 9:00 pm PST and meditate together for 40 days. 

- Recording will be available for those who are in a different timezone.

- Closed Telegram chat where I will be in constant contact with you and provide support

- Optionally, you can add-on Heart Healing Kit from Maitrie Verde   (choose corresponding price option below, shipment included)

Note: there will be a separate specialized Kundalini yoga class for the heart center (Date TBD). If you purchase 40 days + class, you save $15.

About Heart Healing Kit

A powerful synergy of Andara Crystal and Mangano Calcite Gem Elixirs with Flower Essences of Pink Lotus, Rose, Borage, PInk Oleander, Bleeding Heart and Angelica assist with releasing heavy emotions and gried from the heart center. To read more, click here.


  • 40 days meditation

    3 options: - 40 days meditation - 40 days plus special class - 40 days + special class + heart healing kit

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