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Aksaya Tritya 2024 - Best day of the year

Aksaya Tritya, the best day of the year 2024, Sun and Moon are exalted

Akshaya Tritiya is considered the best day to initiate new beginnings in Vedic Astrology. This is the day when the Sun and Moon are positioned in their signs of exaltation, Aries and Taurus respectively.

In Sanskrit, the word "akṣaya" means "never decreasing" in the sense of "prosperity, hope, joy, success", while "tritya" refers to the third lunar day of the month. Whatever you initiate on this day will have a stable foundation and be supported in its growth.

One word of caution, though: This particular year, on this day, Mercury will be changing signs from the sign of Pisces where it is highly afflicted right now, to the sign of Aries. So, if you are initiating things related to commerce, selling, trading, speech, communication, writing, and publishing, wait until Mercury moves to Aries and initiate your new beginnings between 7:09 am to 9:34 am on May 10th (PST).

This is the day I will be releasing my course on Sun remedial measures. The Sun is the first planet one should be working with as it gives you purpose, confidence, and health! Stay tuned. Are you doing something special this year on this day?


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