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Astrological trends in 2021

Happy New Moon, friends 🌚 As we are heading towards the first New Moon of the year, it is good to know what energies are prevalent ahead.

I already wrote about this transit under "Get Shit Done" post. You can refer to it for more explanation. But in short, this is an auspicious transit to actualize and bring to fruition area of life Saturn is transiting through. It's a year to be practical, serious, sober, and down to earth as much as you can. It's good time to bring order in your life, learn time management, create routines, and be disciplined in your approach. Capricorn is one of the most powerful signs for its ability to actualize things. Universe is supporting you right now in turning your dream into concrete plans and actions so that they can come true.

Rahu will remain in Taurus all year long. Rahu and Saturn both being in earth signs all year and Jupiter being in earth sign for parts of the year highlight earth energy. Earth signs are attached to form, order, physical manifestation or expression. It is time of predictability, structure, clear step-by-step instructions. Earth signs are connected to physical body and something tangible in material world. Projects and ideas that are concrete and not abstract are preferred. This is a year of material practicality whatever form it can take.

Mercury will be retrograde 3 times this year. It will do so most of the time also in earth signs of Taurus (in June) and Virgo (in October). Precise dates are:

January 30 - February 20th in Aquarius

May 29 -June 22 in Taurus

October 1st- October 17th in Virgo

Earth signs are related to artha house in horoscope. Artha is material wealth or sustenance and these are the main themes of this year. How do we sustain ourselves? What resources do we already have? What resources do we need to feel supported and secure? How else can we use existing resources?

Jupiter will move in Aquarius in April 5th through Sep 14th. This is the transit when we can expect Covid related restrictions to ease. This will be an auspicious transit since Jupiter will move away from restricting Saturn. Aquarius is a highly innovative and scientific sign. Progressive thinking, humanitarian efforts will get Jupiter's boost for part of the spring and summer. Friendships, sense of community, meeting with like minded people will be supported. Jupiter will return into Capricorn for a short while September through November.

Ketu will remain in Scorpio all year. Ketu, planet of mystics and shamans, is very strong in transformational Scorpio. This will be expansive year to explore metaphysics, astrology, energy and how to work with it, transformation on all levels of being, cleansing, purifying, cycle of death and rebirth. If you feel called to explore one of these directions, this transit favors studies in these areas.

We will have a total of 4 eclipses this year.

Total Lunar eclipse on May 26 followed by Solar eclipse on June 10.

Partial Lunar eclipse on November 18/19 followed Solar eclipse on December 4.

Two weeks between the eclipses is eclipse corridor. Mark you calendars to plan ahead of these special times.


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