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How to be satisfied in life

How to get emotionally satisfied in life, knowing your Moon position in the chart?

Full moon at dusk
Moon in birth chart - key to satisfaction

Most of the time, we do things because we think they will make us happy. It’s natural and very human. Moon is the planet that gives us emotional satisfaction. Sometimes the entire life of a person rotates around the area of life where Moon is positioned. Houses in the chart show what area of life will occupy your mind and make you happy at the same time.

1st house - Your Moon is connected to the house of physical body. You get emotionally fulfilled by showing yourself out to the public, your persona, your body, your whole self. This is a combination for the public person who enjoys to be out and about, sharing their emotions and warmth openly and freely.

2nd - you get emotionally fulfilled when you eat well. There is a direct connection between your moods and food you eat. Having a stable income will bring you a stable mind. The more money is on your savings account, the happier you feel in life. Also, getting together with your family, and having close emotional bond with other family members, makes you satisfied.

3d - you probably wake up and reach out to your phone to check on your social media. The more you talk, the happier you get. You get giddy from trying variety of hobbies, socializing, writing, talking, and having circles of friends based on different interests. Short day hikes and day trips can do you wonders. The more, the better. Emotional connection with younger sibling is indicated too.

4th - Home buddy. You most likely replenish your energy by being in your space, at home. Even if you leave with a large amount of other family members, it's important for you to keep a corner of the house to yourself. The cozier your home, the better. You would get emotionally fulfilled by devoting yourself to family, working from home, or being stay-at-home parent more than others. Deep connection with your mother or motherland will nourish you.

5th - Your creative projects and ability to apply creative mind in life will make your happy. If you have children, you most likely will keep close emotional bond with them throughout life, which will make you emotionally fulfilled. Same goes if you are a teacher and have students. Studying and expanding your mind to the new ways of thinking, getting higher education are emotionally fulfilling.

6th - you are a person of service and like to help others. Helping someone in need, makes you incredibly satisfied. You see inefficiencies and issues better than others, so being able to streamline processes and making life more efficient make your happy. You probably derive great interest in health blogs, diets, self-improvement, and generally healthy lifestyle. And if you can help someone to get healthier in life, that is a double win for you. You'll draw great emotional satisfaction form having a pet.

7th - your moon fall in the house of relationships, so naturally all topics concerned with partnerships will catch your interest. Danger of codependency, where your mood depends on the other. Healthy emotional boundaries and not taking other's persons problems as your own will keep you happy. But on the positive side, you are able to build deep emotional bond with your partner, where you read each other minds, and talk without talking, finish each other sentences, all that good stuff.

8th - You feel right at home when you are diving into things of mystical, esoteric nature, hidden from the public eye. Learning and reading about these subjects will make you fulfilled. Sensuality, shadow work, transformational work , healing, working with and overcoming shame, other alternative subjects will be interesting too. Death, rebirth, grief are among them. Working with clients and helping them to overcomes these emotions might be in turn fulfilling for you.

9th - You like to travel, learn about new religions, philosophies, temples and churches, meeting teachers, and studying. Pleasure travel will not be as satisfying as travel connected to some meaning or purpose, like retreats or pilgrimages. Also father figure in your life will be great of emotional support for you. You might decide to get the highest level of education in your field, or have a special emotional connection with female gurus.

10th - You like public and publicity, as well as structured approach in life. You will choose career that makes you happy. If you feel emotionally unsatisfied at your job, there is no point in keeping it. The more successful you're in your outer world pursuits, the happier you get. And what that 'success' entails, only you define.

11th - Your friends and social circle is your home. Buddies, friends, your people, your sangat are very important for you. Being surrounded with people you love or share interests with makes you happy. Deep emotional connection with older sibling is indicated too. You will find it very satisfying to set long range goals, achieve them, put a checkmark next to them, and tell others about it or teach them to dream big.

12th - You're someone who seeks solitude for your emotional well being. Nothing makes you happier than a good night of sleep or sex or both. This is a position for being able to have emotional satisfaction from meditation, long distance travel, spiritual pursuits, daydreaming, and letting your imagination run free. You might enjoy photography or films to capture the mood of things you imagined.



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