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How to get more energy based on your astrology sign?

Sleepy eyes

Your birth chart holds an answer to how you can replenish your energy reserves in a way that is unique to you!

If you googled "how to get more energy", you would probably get something along these lines:

🌱 FOOD: Simple and balanced diet, easy to digest food gives more energy to your body since less energy is spent on digesting it.

🌱 SLEEP : Quality sleep is essential to restore and rejuvenate. On my Youtube channel, I have a video where I share meditation that improves the quality of sleep.

🌱 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle your daily chores.

🌱 WATER : Water if life. Starting your day with warm glass of water and drinking throughout a day will keep you more energized!

Nothing new here. This is a generic advice you would get.

But your birth chart that is based on time, place, and location of your birth has in depth information what balances you and only you! That is why I prepared a FREE PDF GUIDE that explains just that. In the guide, I provide practical advice how to increase your energy based on your birth chart, because you, my friend, are the main source of energy for you! And more energy means more authentic, real you with ambitious plans and realized potential.


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