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July Newsletter

Moon calendar this month

Full Moon in Purva Ashadha - July 3d 4:38 am PST (just happened)

New Moon in Punarvasu - July 17th 11:31 am PST

Mars Saturn opposition June 30th - August 18th

Mars just moves in a sign of Leo, which is a relief if you have been feeling lack of energy and lethargy to go after your goals. Planet of energy just entered a fiery sign of Leo, which means we will be feeling more energetic and enthusiastic about life.

However, Saturn is retrograde, aspecting this Mars, meaning some delays, obstacles, and needing to go back and do things again are in store as well.

Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are under double aspects of Mars and Saturn and feeling the stress of this transit more than others. On the other hand, if you need to start or resolve some technical problems, you get extra boost in ability to do so right now. Take it easy and take a good care of your health though, you are under some strain.

The opposition will reach its maximum point on July 20th.

Red Fireworks - Mars in Leo
Mars in Leo in July

Venus joins Mars in Leo July 7th - August 7th

When these two planets join in a specific sign, we will be feeling extra passionate about the area of life. Read below where each sign will be feeling extra dose of desire to achieve. This is a prime time for Leo, since you are getting a boost of energy from multiple planets: Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu.

Aries - you are feeling extra passionate about your creative projects, studying, children, romantic life. This is the time to fuel your energy into these directions as manifesting power is high. Your ruling planet, Mars, finally left it’s sign of weakness, so if your health has suffered in June, you will see an improvement when it comes to your physical body and energy overall.

Taurus - home life gets a boost. Real estate, homes, your living environment, while work and career is putting extra demands on you. You might need to go back and work on projects double. Extra stress can be avoided if you give yourself the time and approach things with patience.

Gemini - You are a communication sign, and this month you are feeling extra chatty. After possibly a month of challenges in finances, maybe some losses, and lack of direction, you are feeling ready to tackle your tasks again. You are getting extra dose of energy in the area of communication and self-expression. Time to jump on a call and resolve some of the pending issues.

Cancer - you’re feeling enthusiastic about finances more than ever. You might see quite a bit of fluctuations in this area. You will be changing and re-arranging your finances, speaking and communication with more passion.

Leo - all the power to you Leo this month. Although, you might feel lack of support and even opposition from your partners, you are shining and feeling energetic this month. Your ruling planet Sun is still in 12th house, perhaps giving you a sense of lack of direction. However, extra dose of energy is guaranteed. Go back and re-establish those boundaries with partners. Don’t be surprised you need tell them over and over again.

Virgo - This could be financially challenging month for you, so plan accordingly. Keep you attention on long terms goals and bigger picture. You can achieve new depths in meditation this month. If you know you should meditate but have not done it yet, you can approach it again this month. Give yourself plenty of physical workout prior, so your body is ready to sit still.

Libra - What’s your long term vision, Libra? This month is really a good time to get clear on it and revisit some of the older projects and goals. You are getting extra boost of energy in the area of long terms goals, networking, and social circles.

Scorpio - you’re feeling extra passionate about your work. Home life continues to put extra pressure, however you are all about career projects and you next moves in that area. Partnerships will be supportive. Also work that is more inspiration in some way will come along. You are feeling better health wise and energy wise too.

Sagittarius - You are focused on education and passionate about staying true and connected to your dharmic path. Your 9th house of purpose and fortune is activated. There might be some travel in store as well, but not without delays and obstacles.

Capricorn - A lot going on in your area of joint finances with partners. This month is all about other people and dealing with them. There could be some changes to home environment, work, creative projects. You have an option on how you want to approach it. It does not need to be frustrating.

Aquarius - Saturn went retrograde in your 1st house of physical body making you work extra hard. Watch out for negative self-talk and don’t be so mean to yourself. Partners and conflicts are taking a lot of your attention now.

Pisces - You are feeling competitive at work, which could lead to some conflicts or just obstacles to overcome. You might find yourself dealing with legal matters as well. Fuel the extra energy into you health and well being.

Venus will turn retrograde July 22 through September 5th.

Venus retrograde might find you reminiscing about past relationships, partners, and lovers. The common effect of this transit is a return of past relationships and desire to “try it again”. This effect is temporary though.

Venus and Saturn opposition throughout the month brings up repeating theme of responsibility and who owes who in a couple. Perhaps, it’s a good time to challenge and revisit gender programming in a relationship, as well as silent expectations you might be putting on the partner, without even being conscious of it.

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Love to all!


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