June Forecast

New Moon - June 10th 3:52 am

Full Moon - June 24th 11:39 am

Mercury is retrograde throughout most of the month from May 29th through June 24th. Mercury will retrograde back into the sign of Taurus, creating parivertana yoga with Venus. Two planets in each other signs create a beautiful combination that favors writing, talking, expressing our love and affection through spoken word. Mercury, planet of business, commerce, information exchange, trade, writing, speaking, studying being retrograde will cause certain delays, errors, and frustration in those areas. It is best to postpone beginning important events until after June 24th, when Mercury will be direct and we'll be way out of eclipses influence.

One of the best things to do during Mercury retrograde is to dig up some old courses you took a while ago and watch them all over again. Repetition makes learning more efficient. You also might discover something new you did not catch the first time you were studying. So use this transit to go back and finish up some unfinished classes, do your homework, or work some more on that book you were writing. Whatever business you have unfinished in May, you have a second chance to wrap things up in June.

We are still in eclipse corridor till Solar eclipse on June 10th. Eclipse will begin at 1:12 am and end at 6:11 am Pacific time. I will be posting more detailed information about it closer to its date. Usual caution and recommendations for eclipse time should be applied. Be aware if some ideas or thoughts capture your mind completely and obsessively during this period. Things are not what they seem. However, spiritual practices, chanting mantras, and meditation effects are amplified now. Again, use this transit to your benefit, and you will ride it out smoothly.

Jupiter will also begin its retrograde movement in a sign of Aquarius on June 20th through October 19th. This is a fairly long transit that will unravel slowly. But since Jupiter rules teachers, education, children, knowledge and wisdom I suspect there will be some uncertainty, going back-and-forth regarding schools re-opening and educational institutions in general. The government might give contradictory instructions whether to re-open schools and there might some confusion whether to go back to school at all. Jupiter will retrograde its way back into restrictive Capricorn on September 13th. I think some covid related restrictions and limitations will be back in place for a couple of months. But more on that later.