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Jupiter in Aquarius for each sign

As I mentioned in my earlier post, whenever Jupiter moves into a new sign, it graces it with prosperity, expansion, opportunities and good luck. Not only the sign Jupiter occupies receives benefic influence, but also the 5th, 9th, and 7th signs from it. That is why upcoming Jupiter in Aquarius transit will influence all air signs - Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini - but also Leo will get a boost from Jupiter via its aspect or graha drishti. Jupiter represents your ability to plan future, your optimism, your ability to see the future. It is a planet of trend setters.

Below you can read predictions for your Ascendant, Sun, or Moon. If you do not know them, you can build your chart here. The outcome of predictions will depend on the quality of Jupiter in your chart. Weak planet tends to give results only to some degree, strong, exalted planet will give great results.

Aries - For you, Aries, Jupiter is transiting through 11th house of hopes and dreams. It's time to get what your heart desires materialize. From here, Jupiter is aspecting all kama houses (desires), expanding your social circle, communication, and relationships. Use this time for networking! This is a good transit for wealth and prosperity as well. You will tend to aim high, because you expect to succeed and rightly so. Father figure, teachers, advisors could be a source of financial gain.

Taurus - For Taurus, Jupiter is going through the 10th house of career, aspecting 2nd house of money and 6th house of employment. Since Jupiter rules 8th house of changes in your chart, I expect some transformations to the current job, changes, and new exciting opportunities that will bring financial increase and more satisfaction in life. As much as you, Tauruses, do not like change, this is a good change, so lean into it!

Gemini - Jupiter will be moving through your house of purpose in life. You will feel inspired and optimistic. You are done with the intensity and scarcity of Jupiter in Capricorn in the 8th, not you can relax and expand. You're not worried about money or future plans and feel more expansive and free. This is great transit for education, teaching, advising, traveling, meeting teachers, receiving knowledge, expanding world view and getting to know your true values. Many of these things you might be doing along with your partner, who will be very supportive of your spiritual path. Since Jupiter rules your 10th house of career, during this transit career opportunities will help you to fulfill your dharma or life purpose.

Cancer - Money will be go through change, ups and downs. You might benefit from joint finances though your partner, getting money through work with clients, or your business will benefit. This is spiritual transit for you as all moksha houses (spirituality) and 2nd house of finances are involved. You could receive money or property from your father. Since Jupiter rules 9th house of values, you religious or spiritual views might go though a change.

Leo - Leos are getting direct aspect of Jupiter which is great for health and optimism as well as for partnerships and relationships. However, since Jupiter also rules 8th house for Leos, there will be some changes in partnerships, and perhaps, due to those very changes, the improvements in your one-on-one relationships will be experienced. Counseling, relationship therapy are all good options here. This transit also favors strengthening relationship with your children.

Virgo - For Virgos, this is a time of building their wealth (artha) through new career and employments opportunities, educational efforts. There could be challenges and arguments with the partner, or even divorce, since Jupiter rules your 7th house of relationships and goes through 6th. This transit is very supportive of healing process, good for you health and psychological well-being. Since 12th house of distant travels is involved as well, you might travel as well. But mostly it focuses on the 6th house, which is being employed by somebody else.

Libra - Jupiter is not a very good planet for Libra, but nevertheless, its benefic influence will be felt through aspect on a house of physical body and personality, bringing more optimism and expansion in life. You might be bursting with creative projects and ideas, speaking, teaching, and expanding your social outreach. Since all the dharma houses are involved, it will bring renewed sense of purposefulness to you. Great transit for having children, getting pregnant, or getting romantic relationship (in different order..jk).

Scorpio - Scorpios will feel happy. You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and just feel really good? That is what Jupiter through the 4th house of peace of mind brings. You might get a new job or new opportunities will open up for you. You moksha houses are affected by this transit, so it's time to deepen your spiritual practice, but it will feel good. You relationship with mother will undergo improvement or her health might improve. Your living conditions will get a boost, perhaps, it's time for some improvements or a bigger place?

Sagittarius - Well, what a relief to have your ruling planet finally leaving its sign of debilitation! Congrats, you made it this far! You will feel better during this transit, you health, physical body will feel more relaxed and happy. This is relationship transit as all kama houses (desires) are involved. You will feel more chatty than before. You will have more upbeat and positive interactions with other people. And guess what?....time to travel! You have suffered more than any other sign with travel restrictions, time to change that. Ruling planet in 3d, aspecting 9th is a combination for long distance travel, educations, sexuality. You might leave your current living place too. Perhaps, it's time to sublet your house, and go on a journey?

Capricorn - For you Capricorn, Jupiter will be expanding career and employment opportunities, your spending and earnings. It's time to do what you do best, making sure your debit and credit all line up. This is career-money transit for you. You can enjoy a little more sense of financial wellbeing and relax about the money a bit. It's good for your health and recuperative abilities as well.

Aquarius - Time of new beginnings! You are feeling optimistic and upbeat about life. Jupiter is aspecting your dharma houses of children and purpose, as well as 7th house of relationships. It's a transit that could produce a child, a relationship, or something positive and expansive in the lives of children or a spouse. This is a good time time for healing and health overall. You will be making personal efforts in improving your finances and setting long range goals.

Pisces - For you, Pisces, your ruling planet Jupiter is going into 12th house of meditation, which makes you even more introspective and reflective. This is a familiar territory for you. You will be spending more time and energy enjoying foreign travel, ashrams and pilgrimages, or possibly travel for work as well. Trips during this time are more beneficial, you have luck in foreign countries and far away places. This is a good transit for the health of a partner. Via its aspect, Jupiter is gracing with optimism your 4th house of inner peace and contentment, 6th house of health and 8th house of other peoples' money.


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