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Jupiter in Aquarius transit

Jupiter will be leaving its sign of debilitation Capricorn on April 5th and move into Aquarius till September 14th. Then it will retrograde back into Capricorn for a couple of months till November 20th. Some restrictions might make a come back during those two months in the fall. But for the time being, we are looking into spring and summer of Jupiter in Aquarius.

Jupiter is a slower moving planet, so its transit brings larger scale shifts and changes in society. This time it will be leaving restrictive and difficult sign for it, and move into Aquarius which is also ruled by Saturn but, nevertheless, is a much happier place of Jupiter to be in.

Whenever Jupiter moves into a new sign, it graces it with prosperity, expansion, opportunities and good luck. All air signs such as Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini along with Leo will get a boost from Jupiter via its aspect.

Let's break down what Aquarius represents and what themes will get a boost from expansive and benefic Jupiter.

  • Aquarius is an air sign and like the element of air, it's quick moving and light. Aquarius likes freedom, movement and so I expect, we will be able to move with more freedom, i.e. restrictions on air travel will be lifted.

  • Aquarius is a sign of democracy, equality, fairness and equal-for-all approach. These themes will be highlighted in the next few months as we can expect progressive moves made in the that direction.

  • Aquarius peeps are champions for underdog and unpopular causes. Those who are socially outcast, unconventional, eccentric, alternative will find a support group and have their voice heard.

  • It's a sign of innovations and progressive technologies. We will see wider range of new innovations, including bio and environmentally conscious ones.

  • It's a sign of community, friends, sangat where we gather together with like minded people, mingle with each other, and enjoy our sense of togetherness and oneness. After the lockdown and restrictions, it will be such a desired change.

  • Like all air signs, Aquarius signifies communication, exchange of information, freedom of speech. All these significations will get a boost. Perhaps, due to technological advancement as well.

  • Aquarius is a very impersonal sign, where individual benefit is sacrificed in favor of a communal. It is a sign that says "We" is more important than "Me". Social problems at large will be in focus. The dilemma of common good vs individual benefits will get attention.

  • There will be a rise in new ideologies, groups, religious circles, and movements. Existing structures will get support.

Last time, Jupiter was in Aquarius, was from December 19th, 2009 through December 5th, 2010. On a personal level, you can try to remember what new opportunities opened up for you then, and have an idea what this transit will bring this time around.

In Part 2, I will give more detailed predictions for each sign. Stay tuned.


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