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Jupiter in Aries transit - new road to opportunities (April, 2023 - May, 2024)

Jupiter changing signs on April 21, 2023

Jupiter is finishing its journey through it's own sign of Pisces and a new era of

development for humanity begins. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, marking the beginning of a new cycle of truth, knowledge, wisdom, and mindset, religion and other Jupiter significations are going through an upgrade and starting a new cycle.

This is a big deal, since Jupiter has been transitioning in Pisces since April, 2022. As one of the slower moving planets. Jupiter's transition into a new sign sets the trend for all of us for the next year.

Jupiter will be joining Rahu in Aries, creating Guru Chandala yoga or a combination of unconventional thinkers. Those who think outside the box will be rewarded and for those who tend to be more conventional, it's time to stretch into unusual thinking and be open to the new ideas.

Jupiter + Rahu is a combination of movers and shakers who challenge the status quo. This is a combination of people who bring fresh new ideas to the table that start a wave of new ideologies, religions, and way of being. Jupiter rules wealth, children, religion, truth, knowledge, optimism, dharma. Expect new things in these area. Maria Montessori famously has this combination in her 1st house, who revolutionized the world of child' education with the focus and care for the child. Another example is Pope Francis who also introduced a new wave of tolerance to previously strict religious issues.

Jupiter and Rahu combination will give a rise to a AI, artificial intelligence. OpenAI released ChatGBT last year and it is gaining a lot of traction. Also this could potentially mean that crypto will be even more widely accepted and widespread. Jupiter, ruling wealth, and Rahu, ruling technology and revolutionary changes, could bring a lot of changes in the way we do knowledge, information, and money.

It is significant also that Jupiter will be completing its cycle through the zodiac signs and starting on it's journey in Aries in combination with Rahu. It's fresh cycle with a unconventional twist. Another interesting thing about this transit is that it's starting between eclipses, right after the solar eclipse.

Jupiter will begin its journey through Ashwini nakshatra, ruled by Ketu, where eclipse will be happening as well. A lot of nodal influence! Humanity at large will go through an upgrade, and it will not be necessarily a smooth ride because Rahu and Ketu are involved.

With such a heavy Aries energy that is upcoming, I anticipate desire to act impulsively, agitation to act, to move forward, to make a leap, start a new. And depending on where sign of Aries is in your birth chart, you will be able to progress in that area of life by leaps and bounds.

While you have a few peaceful days in beginning of April before the energy starts to pick up after full moon (May 5th, 2023), really get clear in your dream life. What are you manifesting? Where are you heading. All of us get a change to uplevel now big time

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