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Jupiter in Capricorn transit November 20th - April 5, 2021

Jupiter is in the very last minutes of its own sign Sagittarius. It will enter the next sign Capricorn on November 20th and will stay there until April 5th (then again back to Capricorn Sep 14th through November 21).

There have been a buzz about this transit in astrology community for years. Let's look at why it could be the case. Jupiter in Capricorn is debilitated, meaning the planet cannot express its natural qualities and the sign its is the worst environment to be in.

Jupiter is expansion and freedom, Capricorn is strict plans and rules.

Jupiter is hope and celebration, Capricorn is serious, meticulous, and down to earth.

Jupiter is generosity and abundance, Capricorn is pragmatic and cautious.

Jupiter is optimism, Capricorn is serious and sober.

Naturally, Jupiter is very unhappy here.

What adds to the punch is that Jupiter will be with Saturn in Capricorn, planet that rules Capricorn and makes all the qualities of restrictions, limitation, and confinement feel even stronger.

We had a glimpse of this transit back in April-May of this year, when lockdown was the strictest. I'm suspecting we are heading for another lockdown for 3-4 months to come (till April to be precise). The good news is we know what to expect and we know it will end eventually when Jupiter leaves Capricorn for good and continues its journey into Aquarius next year.

Jupiter and children - Jupiter is significator of children in astrology. Children will feel the limiting affect of being in isolation and not being able to socialize with peers. That is so hard on them. Those schools that opened briefly, will most likely close again. It is important to pay extra attention to our kids as they might experience difficulties during this time. This could be related to feeling confined, restricted, lonely, needing to follow the rules, also the pressure of studying online. Saturn will likely increase the feeling of pressure as if they need to carry the weight of the world on their little shoulders.

Jupiter and wealth - Jupiter is significator of wealth. It is likely that market will go through tough time again due to the pandemic like it did back in February - April of 2020. Another wave of Coronavirus we are heading towards is likely to cause it. This is a good time to make a financial plan and follow it strictly, distributing your resources in a meticulous and organized manner. If you have not created a backup financial "cushion", some sort of savings account, you can rely on in case of a loss of a major source of income, make sure you plan for one. It's time to be prudent.

Jupiter and optimism - There will be a tendency to fall into a sense of discouragement and depression. Jupiter will have hard time supporting our cheerfulness and zest for life. Extra effort will be required to stay positive and not to despair. Attitude of gratitude even in challenging times could be a savior.

Jupiter and dharma - Jupiter represent spiritual knowledge and higher wisdom. It will be at the lowest point during this transit (especially December). It will be a difficult period for teachers, advisors, people who share and spread knowledge. It will be more challenging than usual to experience sense of unity and aliveness.

We need to go through this collectively and learn to tackle life challenges the Capricornian way: face your problem (do not turn away from it hoping it will disappear), assess it, make a plan how you are going to tackle it, execute one item at a time, slow, steady and consistent. Capricorn is a very practical sign, matter-of-fact. It knows that through practice we achieve mastery in anything we settle our mind on.

It is up to you and only you to choose how you want to see this transit. As Victor Frankl elegantly put it


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