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Jupiter in Pisces transit


Jupiter - opportunities are coming
Jupiter in Pisces transit report

Jupiter or Guru entered Pisces on April 14th and will stay there till April 21, 2023. Jupiter owns the sign of Pisces and is very strong there. Since it's the greatest benefic of all the planets, it will bring positive, expansive influence to the area of life it is transiting in your horoscope. Main Jupiter significations such as children, teachers and teachings, knowledge and wisdom, prosperity and wealth, dharma, peace and harmony will flourish. Jupiter will bring grace and support to the houses it aspects (5,7,9), harmonizing the conditions of that house and bringing contentment. Guru gives wisdom and knowledge, removing darkness of ignorance, hence the harmony comes from knowledge on righteous living or dharma.

Last time Jupiter was transiting Pisces was from May 2010 through May 2011. You can think back of the results it gave you back then and anticipate similar effect this time.

Jupiter in signs

Aries - This is a great one to slow down and meditate. Good transit for health and healing. Long distance trips expand you sense of unity with the world and you really feel the saying "we are all one". You might get unexpected benefits while in foreign countries. If you decide to take some studies or live abroad for a year, you will be supported like never before. Go out, explore the world, try different meditation techniques.

Taurus - Good one for you, Taurus, because you get happier when you see your investments grow. Also this is the time to expand your social circle and achieve your goals. Your networking circle could be your most giving asset now. This is the transit to get what you wanted and accomplish your desires. If you have been trying to finish some projects, you will get the support needed to bring them to fruition. Relationships will be strong and fulfilling.

Gemini - Jupiter is going through your 10th house of career forming a combination of a teacher or an expert, who expresses him/herself through sharing knowledge and giving advice. You will be expanding your expertise and your partners will be helping you in that. You will be have a boost in your wealth, real estate, and a sense of inner contentment. Great for career and expanding your influence in the world.

Cancer - All water signs are getting support during this transit, and, especially, you Cancer. You've always been Jupiter's favorite child. Jupiter is going through house of good luck, children (third child to be precise), fortune, teacher and teachings, education, travel. All of these things might be interrelated or not. Whatever it is, luck is on you side. Since your 5th house of children and investments are getting double influence of Saturn and Jupiter, it's a good one for getting a child, manifesting creative projects to life, and expanding investment portfolio. Powerful transit, during which you can relax and enjoy life.

Leo - Jupiter is going through your 8th house of partner's money. Aside from you benefiting from partner improving financial situation, you might also be showered with gifts and good fortune from your spouse's family. Money and romance might go through fluctuations and changes. This is a good transit for intuition and making accurate predictions. You might find yourself that whatever you say manifests quite easily and quickly, so think positive.

Virgo - this is transit is all about relationships, expanding and improving this area of life. One-on-one interactions are positive and fulfilling during this time, which, in turn, give support to your sense of self and sense of wellbeing. Your feel upbeat, optimistic, trusting the process. If you're working in client oriented field, you'll will get more more business deals from them. Communication and social interactions are good as well.

Libra - Jupiter is not the best of the planets for you, Libra, however, it is a benefic, so I would not be too worries. It is a good transit for your health and healing process. Your money and career will be supported as well, since all the wealth (artha) houses are involved. If you're looking for employment, you will find it easily. Aspect on 12th house could be good for spirituality or distant travel.

Scorpio - This is a good transit for your children. Typical transit for a birth of a baby, getting pregnant, or getting something positive for your kids. You will feel very creative and upbeat, overflowing with ideas of projects you want to do. Use this time to go on creative frenzy! If you are a teacher or a consultant, you will get more students or people seeking your advice. Good money transit as well as strong Jupiter for you, means strength of your 2nd house of finances and boost to 11th house of gains. If you're not ready for kids, your romantic life will flourish, since 5th is a house of girlfriend/boyfriend. Since all dharma houses are involved in this transit, you will be more clear on your purpose in life and more aligned with it.

Sagittarius - Your natural happy-go-lucky attitude in life will return and you'll feel happy, content, and satisfied again. You're naturally optimistic and grateful, this is the gift of your ruling planet Jupiter is going through your 4th house of inner mind. Your home environment will get some improvement, or you might decide you're ready to expand and want a bigger place. This is also a good transit for your and your partner's career, mother and her health, getting money through a spouse. Your moksha or spiritual houses are influenced, so you might deepen your sadhana, meditate more, which, in return, will make you happier.

Capricorn - Your area of communication gets a boost, causing you to express yourself more and engage with siblings and other people more. That, naturally, will bring improvement to relationships. Also day and long distance trips will be a source of joy and expansion. Most likely you will travel far and wide during this transit. You'll expand your outlook on life and social circle. You might decide to take on a new hobby or activity. This is a good time to study something new and inspirational.

Aquarius - Jupiter is influencing all your money houses, career, and employment. This transit is auspicious for new beginnings in these areas, bringing its benefic expansive effect to it. The money will grow since Jupiter will be forming dhana yoga or combination of wealth in your house of resources. You might have money coming from social projects, being out and about, friends, bonuses, or from investments. It is good to express yourself through speech, use your voice to share knowledge and wisdom.

Pisces - Expansion and benevolence for you, your health, physical body. This is a hard transit if you're trying to loose weight, good one if you have some health problem you are trying to overcome. Jupiter will bring healing. Physical body will be strengthened, you' ll feel optimistic and good, "in your own skin". After a period of wanting to hide away and retreat (while Jupiter was in Aquarius the past year), you're feeling upbeat and ready to solve problems. Also, since career is also ruled by Jupiter in your horoscope, it will get a boost though the power of your personality. You'll be called to share your knowledge and take on a role of an expert in some field. Jupiter will be forming Hamsa Yoga in your 1st house or a combination of a teacher, advisor.


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