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May forecast for each sign

Grab a cup of coffee ☕️, it's time to read your monthly forecast.

New Moon - May 11, 2021 at 11:59 am PT

Full Moon - May 26, 2021 4:13 am PT

We are entering a month of May feeling strong and enthusiastic as Sun, planet of health and vitality, is very strong in its sign of exaltation Aries. If you need to do something that requires boldness, courage, and self-confidence, do so in the first two weeks of May as the energy will shift to a more mellow and heavy in the second half of the month, when Sun enters Taurus.

Venus in Taurus May 4th - May 29th

Venus rules Taurus so this is a good and favorable transit for all things Venusian: beauty, art, love, affection, rekindling your relationships, trying on a new look, going to movies and museums (they are open again! yay!), pleasure seeking and enjoyment in general. There might be a renewed interest in artistic and creative pursuits. With Mercury also there, communication becomes key to relationships. You might find it is easier to communicate love and affection to others. Those, whose love language is 'words of affirmation', this is your time! If it's not your primary language, try it this month.

Aside from Venus, Mercury, Rahu, and Sun will be in Taurus almost for entire month. Venus is sensual and sexual, Rahu is compulsive and prone to experiments, Mercury is talkative, Sun is authoritative and proud. You get the idea.

Here is more detailed report for May for every zodiac sign. As usual, if you know your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Sidereal zodiac (Jyotish), read all three. If you do not know it yet, you can build your chart here.

Aries - Your words will have the power to charm and sweet talk anyone. And that might lead to unexpected financial gains for you. You will be focused on tending to your money and family. Cosmetic procedures and using ultra-modern beauty technologies for your face is also possible. Stock market gains, gains through people in authority, gains through partners and contracts, as well as income through clients.

Taurus - There is a lot of focus on you, your personality, your physical body, and health. Taurus, it's time to remember your true nature and the fact that you were born to seek pleasure. This is a great time to re-connect to your physical body and do what pleases you. It might be a time to re-invent your look/hairstyle, or create that capsule wardrobe you have been thinking about. Fine foods, good smells, creative pursuits, spa trips, engaging the senses will do you good. Eclipses will be happening for you on the axis of me vs. other, me and my partner. Some karmic situations around health and relationships might arise. Observe the situation, and try to get a helicopter view of what's happening rather than loosing yourself to it.

Gemini - When was the last time you danced? How about dancing meditation? Perhaps, you will feel more inclined to try something of that sort at some point this month. Your mind is set on distant places. You either want to study abroad or travel for pleasure. In general, there will be a sense of uncertainty and slight disappointment. Sounds like a perfect time for some self-inquiry and meditation.

Cancer - This is a month to dream big and set your goals. Your house of bonuses and achievements is on fire. Also financial gains are in store. If you have been trying to sell or acquire property, or have had some other goals around your house or real estate, May could bring it to fruition. Your social life might pick up as well, where your friends and social circle will grow and expand. Time to come out of your shell and do some networking!

Leo - This is a career oriented month. You will be juggling many projects at once. Talking, managing resources (human and others), doing your work. This will give your pleasure and a sense of purpose. You will identify with the work you do and derive sense of pride from it. You might try new and innovative approach in your job or apply your creative and artistic talents somehow. We know you have an actor inside of you.

Virgo - You are the luckiest this month. The favorite of the Universe. A lot of planets will be piling up in your house of good luck, fortune, dharma, knowledge, teachers. Studying, expanding your knowledge will be very pleasurable. You might meet new teacher or find philosophies that capture your imagination.

You are feeling a deeper kind sense of purpose. Gifts from Universe might come through women. That includes finances as well.

Libra - Your health and vitality will go through ups and downs in May. You are questioning all your life choices, and wondering what you are doing and where you are going. There is a lot of things boiling and cooking under the surface, in you subconscious. Just like the seed needs to germinate and develop under the earth before it can spout, you are going though a germination of sorts. Your finances and other people's finances are also affected and will occupy your attention. Time for energy preservation and emotional cleanse. Sensual experiments are also possibility.

Scorpio - Scorpios.. prepare for eclipses as you will be affected, since they are happening in your 1st house of Self and 7th house of partnerships. It is all about relationships and managing them this month. It will require skills in anger management and non-violent communication. Maybe it's time to re-read this classic "How to win friends and influence people" by Carnegie. Your partner, spouse, and one-on-one interactions will be in focus since they will go through changes and spells of dissatisfaction at times.

Sagittarius - Your are feeling competitive and argumentative, which is challenging for partnerships. Quarrels, getting to the bottom who is right and who is wrong, winning disputes, legal questions, fighting with enemies are all possibilities of this month. However, on the bright side, you might get a new job offer or project opportunity. Your health will interest you this month while daily routines will get scrutinized.

Capricorn - You are feeling creative and bursting with ideas. Good time for your children and engaging with them. Also investing in stock market might be beneficial. Time for some play and romantic pursuits. You are feeling loving, affectionate, joyful, and more passionate this month. Go for it!

Aquarius - You are working on your inner space, mentally and physically this month. In May, you might be deriving joy from some creative project in your home, redecorating, inviting people over, and showing off your house, being a good host. Taking up on some studies and courses is possible too. Since 4th house also represents inner workings of your mind, you might be focusing on your inner self and some psychological work. This is a good month for your relationships too. You feel more secure and content this month.

Pisces - Communication, talking, writing, posting, replying to emails, the daily noise of life is big this month. The difference is that you are enjoying it. Making art with your hands will be healing for you. Making music, playing and practicing using your fingers is good to unload a bit of energy in your 3d house. This is also a combination for creating electronic music. If you have a younger sibling, your relationship with them will improve.


Eclipses are coming up with the first one arriving on May 26th. Total Lunar eclipse will begin at 1:47 am, culminate at 4:18 am, and end at 6:49 am PT. It will mark the beginning of a two weeks eclipse corridor till June 10th.

Eclipses are very important events that should be treated with care and attention. They can trigger events in our lives that are rooted deeply in our karmic work. Times of eclipses can be a time of extraordinary changes and shifts in your life if you are alert. If you catch the wave, it can propel you in the direction you want to proceed and goals you want to achieve.

The nature of eclipse is shadow. On the day of eclipse, the light of luminaries Sun or Moon is obstructed or partially hidden. Similarly, our consciousness shows us our shadows during this time. As above, so beyond. The long forgotten patterns, trauma, wounds get stirred during this time. Just remember that this is our chance to heal. We are shown what needs attention, presence, non-judgmental look that goes beyond fear and shame. Eclipses effect will be felt starting 2-3 weeks prior to the first eclipse on May 26th.

The original webinar did not get saved, but you can purchase a shorter recap here.

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Astronomy of eclipses

  • Vedic Astrology myths and meaning of eclipses

  • How to understand what eclipse will bring in your individual chart

  • Practical advice, dos and don'ts during eclipses

  • Why you should be aware and attentive to these powerful astrological events

  • Learn to track and be respectful of the times of the eclipse portals

  • How to use eclipse portals for your maximum benefits


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