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New Service: Personal Meditation Practice for Prosperity

Unlock Your Path to Prosperity through Personalized Meditation:

The power of subconscious patterns is immense and often goes beyond our awareness. That is why the effect of personal practice is very healing and also very efficient way to make a step toward your prosperity and well-being.

Once you book a service, I will reach out for details through email or text. To book, click here.

About the service

I have been practicing the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan under the guidance of my teacher and a great healer Daria Kabolova for years. Through a deep meditative state (shuniya), I learnt to know beyond the limitations of the mind through a deep contemplative state.

Tailored Kundalini Yoga Meditation:

After our consultation, you'll receive a 40-day Kundalini Yoga Meditation practice tailored to help you release the deepest subconscious prosperity blocks. These practices are selected to target the specific areas in your body that impede your healing and success. We will meet online to discuss details of your practice, do the meditation together (or I will send you a video), and answer your questions.


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