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October Forecast

New Moon October 6th 4:05 am in PST

Full Moon October 20th 7:56 am in PST

Venus will enter Scorpio and join Ketu for an entire month of October. It will begin its journey on 2nd and finish on 30th. When any planet joins Ketu, all falsity and pretentiousness of that planet will be stripped away. Planet goes through purification and spiritualization process of sorts. This month, Venus and Ketu together create an interesting combination because they signify completely opposite qualities. Venus is pleasure, enjoyment, sensuality, material life. While Ketu is detachment, letting go, relentless neutrality and indifference to everything that is bound by time or material world. Venus and Ketu transit asks us to be in the "now" of relationships, one day at a time. Today partner is with you, tomorrow they might be gone, but it is not important. What is important is how you choose to spend the day with them today. By meditating on impermanence of love, feelings, and beauty, you let go of attachment to it and become more free. Paradoxically, relationship has a greater chance of lasting then. This could be a highly transformative and intense time in relationships, where control issues and false expectations could be brought to surface.

Mercury will be retrograde through October 19th. Time to go back and revisit old notes, study books, and courses. If you have not finished your projects earlier, now is the time to do so. These three weeks are good for editing, revising, and re-negotiating the old terms. If you have studied something earlier, you can go back and repeat the old material now, thus cementing it in your memory. Mercury will be retrograding through a sign of Virgo, so organizing, analyzing, and nit picking are all suitable activities now. You might be surprised by what you discover. Since Mercury rules communication and all types of information exchange (physical and electronic), retrograde period might cause difficulties in the process. There is a higher chance of making a mistake or not noticing vital information. Double check contracts and business deals. Read the fine print. Think twice before purchasing something during Mercury retrograde. It is best to leave all big purchases (especially electronics) after the 19th of October.

Sun will move into Libra on October 16th, bringing focus to relationships, partnership, and importance of diplomacy in life. As RGB once said: "You can disagree without being disagreeable." She had Moon in Libra and was an example how to win all the fights while staying nice, civil, and calm. During Sun's transit through Libra, we have a chance to practice being nicer to each other, exchange pleasantries and compliments.

Sun is weak in Libra and since it represents our vitality and vigor, second half of the month might bring weakened immunity. Feeling fatigued and low energy is expected during this time. Melancholic mood might settle in as Saturn will be gazing at the Sun for the rest of the month. The nights are getting longer and colder. We will be seeing Sun less. Time to curl up under the blanket with a warm cup of ginger tea and a good book or a movie. Take extra good care of your health and immune system. If you need to sleep longer during upcoming month, do so.

Two giants, Jupiter and Saturn will go direct this month! This is big for several reasons. Saturn has been retrograde for months since the end of May. It will go direct on October 11th. Jupiter will turn direct on October 18th. After months of set backs, things will start moving forward and life will flow more smoothly for many of us. Jupiter will begin its journey back into a sign of Aquarius. This is beginning of an end of pandemic related restrictions. We still might see back and forth with rules and regulations through beginning of October, but I expect things will start returning to a more relaxed state the further we get into the fall and winter months of November - December. Eventually, Jupiter will go back into Aquarius on November 20th and we will be able to enjoy more freedom in many ways.


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