Rahu and Ketu change signs

The biggest upcoming astrological event this month is lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu changing signs on March 16th, 2022. Currently, they are in 0 degrees and last minutes of current signs and the shift can be felt already. Rahu and Ketu move in retrograde motion meaning that they change signs backwards. If Ketu is in a sign of Scorpio right now, it will change into the sign of Libra on March 16, and Rahu will move from the sign of Taurus into the sign of Aries. Scorpios and Tauruses can exhale a little bit, you've done your work!

The Ketu Rahu axis shows main themes that will be prevalent in the world and our personal lives during the next 1,5 years. During the previous transit of nodes through the signs of Scorpio and Taurus we worked on themes of changes, death, transformation, crisis, as well as material wealth, stability, food, nourishment, resources, sustainability. Now the focus will shift into the themes of "we" vs "me", partnership vs personal gain, compromise vs ego, mutual gain vs self-gain. These are the two polarities that will pull the world apart on micro and macro levels.

Because lunar nodes will be going into signs of Libra and Aries, that means that next set of eclipses (with the first one coming up April 30th and May 15th) will be happening in these signs, bringing its tumultuous energy into the signs. If you have key points in the charts such as Sun, Moon, Ascendant in Libra or Aries, that means you might be feeling this shifts more intensely.

Ketu in Libra will bring interest in spiritualizing relationships and looking for a higher meaning in your partnerships. Support will get non-traditional partnerships and marriage arrangements. Alliances, where mutual benefit based in freedom, will be supported. Ketu brings a flair of asceticism and non-attachment to the sign ruled by Venus, planet that is more connected with pleasure and enjoyment. This transit will bring an interest into themes of soul mates, partners from the past lives, and connection with them, healing your past relationships though letting go.

There might be interest in relationships where freedom, detachment, or spirituality take central role. Phrases like "live and let live" highlighting absence of any co-dependency, lack of control, and focus on individual freedom while staying together will be typical of partnerships now. Ketu in Libra might bring renewed interest in taking one-day-at-a-time approach in relationships. After all, it's not what the future holds for you as a couple, but what you bring into it today. On a global scale, all types of alliances will take shape. Mutual support without expecting anything in return will prevail. Non traditional and unconventional partnerships will take place.

Rahu in Aries will bring a renewed interest and enthusiasm to start afresh and begin something new. This is the time of doers, explorers, and risk takers who will get a boost now! Time to act is now. Just keep moving forward. Do not waste time on decision making and weighing all cons and pros. Time is on you now, so start, and pressure will be off. Keep moving, don’t freeze. Seize the opportunity. If you keep moving, you will understand the times. There might be relentless interest in the power of individuality. The strong side of Aries is that it sees the goal and does not see the obstacles. It rushes ahead, towards its goals, without hesitation or doubt. It moves swiftly and without fear.