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· September update · ☕️

Moon cycle this month

New Moon - September 14th at 18:39 (PST) in Uttara Phalguni

Full Moon - September 29th at 2:57 am (PST) in Uttara Bhadra

Monthly update

We start off this month with 3 planets retrograde (Saturn, Mercury, and Venus) and the 4th one, Jupiter, about to join the party. Time to slow down and get plenty of rest. We are changing seasons and we need to do it gracefully.

Venus will go direct September 4th! After spending almost 7 weeks in retrograde motion, planet of love and relationships, will go direct in Cancer. Retrograde Venus in Cancer might have brought up to surface issues of being a “parent” to the partner. Perhaps, you take on responsibility for the other partner too much? Or maybe you express your love and affection through caring and nurturing, “mom-like” love, which is detrimental to intimacy and romantic life. If you have noticed such patterns, this transit is a good one to reflect on it. Venus will remain in Cancer throughout all of September. Direct your “mom love” to kids and pets, and treat your partner as an equal.

Mercury will be retrograde till September 15th. As usual, miscommunications and mistakes are likely. However, if you want to go back and try some project or idea again, this is a perfect opportunity. Pick up where you left off, edit, revise, and update old contracts, texts, books, blog posts, letters, and papers. I also made a reel a while back on “How to thrive during Mercury retrograde” ( which can he helpful as well.

Jupiter goes retrograde on September 3d through December 31st! Retrograde transits give us another chance to go back and fix something we did not get to finish the first time. Together with retrograde Saturn, these two retrograde planets make us go back, tackle some issues from the past and also bring some manifestations in many areas of life. I feel like September, October, November, December will be a time of manifestation for many of us. Dream big and bold! When these two giants join forces, we see things happen. When they both go retrograde, their influences span over many areas of life in our charts! Since both of them will be retrograde through the rest of the year (Saturn through November 5th but it will act like retrograde through end of year), we will see things manifesting and coming to fruition! How is excited for this fall? 🍁


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