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Sources of wealth in the chart - Part 1

Let's look at finances from several different angles, exploring where financial possibilities could be in your individual chart.

Lagna or ascendant is an important wealth indicator. Strong and well placed ruler of the 1st house will give a person strengths and ability to project themselves in the world. Lagna is the house of the Self. So when the lagna ruler goes to a specific house, it connects the self with the significations of that house. Naturally, lagna ruler positioned in dusthanas ( or difficult houses ) 6, 8, and 12 will create difficulties in person's ability to project the self. On the other hand, 1st house ruler in 1,5,9 and 4,7, 10 will give greater chances of increasing wealth due to the strength of the lagna.

When we look at finances in the chart, we study Jupiter - significator of money. Its dispositions will determine person's relationship with money and how they view finances in general.

Strong and well positioned Jupiter will give one a natural sense of abundance, an attitude that Universe provides. Jupiter is considered strong in Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer, as well as when it is positioned in money houses 1,2,5, 9, 11. With Jupiter strong, you might feel like money come naturally to you and you do not need to sweat too hard to make them.

Weak or debilitated Jupiter, when it is in Capricorn, 6 or 12th houses, can produce overall feeling of scarcity and lack in life. It results in beliefs such as "I will never have enough", "money come only through hard work and effort", "nothing is free", etc. Subsequently, it can make a person highly motivated to make money due to feelings of insecurity about them.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunities and wealth, so its position in the chart instantly points to the possible source of money. Check your Jupiter position and see if you are already making money through significations of the house:

  1. Jupiter in 1st house is a great blessing. Your personality itself radiates the energy of wisdom and abundance. In the scriptures it says, Jupiter in the 1st house removes 10,000 blemishes in the chart. You, your body, your personality, your charm and appearance are the source of wealth in this case.

  2. Jupiter in 2nd - money coming through family, food industry, financial institutions, restaurants, speaking, teaching. It is the house of mouth, face, and throat.

  3. 3d house - Communication, brothers and siblings, short journeys and trips, information technology, writing, publishing, transportation, marketing, performing on stage or dealing with the public.

  4. Real estate, lands, buildings, educational institutions mother, houses, psychology and understanding of emotions, investment property. Sense of security will be connected to wealth.

  5. Children, students, creative projects, creative genius, stocks and bonds, financial markets, writing and publishing, teaching, making products, performing.

  6. Being employed by others, health industries, service-oriented jobs, healing work, animals, editing, analysis.

  7. Dealing with other people, partnerships of all sorts, legal matters, contracts, negotiations, business, banking, clients, spouse.

  8. Money of the spouse, money coming from clients, client-oriented work, insurance, bonds, inheritance, dealing with changes occult knowledge, astrology, therapies, changes in other people's lives.

  9. Teaching, traveling, father, education, religion, exploration, dealing with religious institutions, higher education, giving advice, sharing wisdom, transferring knowledge.

  10. Your career, things and projects you do in outside world. Business, government, structures.

  11. Mutual funds, friends, social circle, being out and about, groups, mass outreach, social media, society, networking is important here, doing things together with other people, group activities, humanitarian work, social causes.

  12. Charities, distant places, foreign lands, travel, spiritual pursuits. Selling spirituality, think meditation retreats and pilgrimages to places of power, for example. Donations institutions and organizations, volunteering. International travel or pursuits in far away lands. It is a bit of a difficult position, since 12th house is generally is associated with losses, uncertainties, and disappointment. Jupiter here can produce expenditures.

Did you find that you are already making money through your Jupiter? Please share in the comments below!


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