Talent your were born with

You were born at the specific time on this earthly plane. And that time defined the basic gift that you carry in this lifetime. The sign of your Ascendant (a.k.a Rising sign or Lagna) defines your miniature biography of who you are and how you react to life as a whole. It also defines what your innate talent is.

Ascendant sign or the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth changes approximately every 2 and half hours. That is why when you come to Vedic Astrologer, they will ask you for a precise time of birth to minutes. 1 min difference can change the rising sign, and hence, the rest of the horoscope.

If you don't know your rising sign, you can build your chart here olgamixon.com/chart.

Aries - "I am me!" - your basic gift is your ability to be the first because unlike everyone else you can go for the goal without seeing any blocks or obstacles on your path.

Taurus - "I gather resources" - You can create cozy environments like nobody else. Your talent is to gather resources and show others how to enjoy life!

Gemini - "I communicate" - you excel when you need to convey information and have ability to communicate freely and openly and with many others. Your gift is in your ability to relay information.

Cancer - "I nourish" - you give sustenance and nourishment to others. Does not have to be only food. More often than not it's your emotional support and empathetic presence that does all the work.