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What is Astrocartography?

Western and Vedic astrologers exchanged techniques from the ancient times. One of them being Varshaphal (yearly chart of individual), for example. Astrocartography is a technique of applying different location to an individual chart, that we can borrow and apply to Vedic chart.

Thailand as a destination

It is not a purely Jyotish technique. It came to us from Western astrology, popularized by Jim Lewis, California born astrologer. Even though locational astrology is an old technique, Jim Lewis explained it and made it available for a wider audience. Modern software allows us the calculations to be done more easily.

Also it's worth noting that in ancient times moving and living away from place of origin was considered highly inauspicious, associated with loss and isolation (12th house). However, modern times call for different interpretations. Moving across the globe is more available and often desirable these days.

You might have experienced that when you go to a different country, your inner system recalibrated, you started to experience life differently and just felt different. Astrocartogrpahy considers two major factors: outside influence (country, language, culture) and inner (how your chart changes in a certain location). Technically speaking, your chart does not change, you still have planets in the same signs, but it rotates under a different angle so different areas of life become prominent and more noticeable in life.

How does it work with a birth chart?

The important point to remember is that your birth chart never changes. Birth chart is an imprint that will always stay with you according to the map of the stars and sky at the time and place your soul touched the Earthly plane.

The moment you were born defines how every single corner of the planet will influence you. You still need to go through the lessons that are defined in your birth chart and develop certain qualities as a result of them. You consciousness will grow according to the birth chart. But in different locations, you will experience it through a different sequence of events. Events and experiences that call for your expansion might be more desirable or less pleasant in different places around the globe. Given a birth chart, different locations highlight a different aspect of personality. Focus of life might shift, the energy represented by planets might influence different houses, and sequence of events will be different.

Bali as a destination

You know the saying "at the right time and at the right place"? Astrocartography helps us to navigate what is the right place for us. Some places represent more danger and we are more prone to accidents (when Mars is going over your Ascendant), some promise easier time getting in the relationship (when Jupiter cross over your 7th house), others show discontent in the mind (when there is negative influence on the 4th house).

How is this related to Vimshottari Dasha (planetary periods)?

During dasha or period changes, in consciousness of a person certain desires arise, that are correlated to the energy of the planet that he/she is running period of. These desires might be better or easier to fulfill in a different location from where they are at the moment. That is why, if the person moves, they often move to the location where period planet line is located.

You can book astrocartography reading with me. In the reading, we will go in depth on

  • what planetary influences you are experiencing in the location you currently reside

  • what are the best locations for to realize your potential in career, relationships, having children, love life, or other areas

  • if need to choose among several locations, we will compare and explore which one is the best

  • how you personality will change in a new location? What area of life will grab your attention there?

  • how other people's perception of you will change depending on location

You can book it here.


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