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Jupiter is Guru in Sanskrit, the teacher and relates to ability to teach, learn, and illuminate with divine knowledge. It represents abundance, wealth, divine grace, wisdom, good karma, children, and spiritual devotion. Considered the greatest benefic, this is a great planet work with when you seek expansion and prosperity in life. It is the most generous planet of all. When you are ready to invite divine knowledge in your life, this is a good planet to work with. Also, if you are looking to conceive or improve relationship with your children, work with Jupiter.


Direction to place: Northeast


Digital download, 5000 x 5000 pixels.

Jupiter Yantra

  • Yantra is a visual form through which the planetary energy is represented in geometric form. It comes from yam, which means supporting or holding the essence of the object or concept; tra comes from trana or liberation, going beyond, crossing over. The center of the yantra, the bindu point, represents the eternal oneness found in all things, while the background of the yantra conveys a specific vibration of the universal energy. 

    Ancient Indian seers in their meditation were able to see the nature of the universe and saw and developed the original forms of Yantra. Yantras are part of the Vedas. It is a powerful symbol through which the teachings can be conveyed.

  • Gazing upon yantra while hearing or reciting corresponding planetary mantra, you can rediscover connection to the source and invite the energy of that planet into your life. At the center of every yantra design is a bindu point, it is a focal point for meditation. Place the yantra at the eye level so it will be comfortable for you to gaze upon it. As you gaze over bindu point for several minutes, you will see colors and forms of the whole Yantra in your peripheral vision. Reciting mantra silently or out loud as you meditate on yantra is like calling the planet’s name or energy. The yantra “hears” its name and becomes present in person’s life.

    Man-tra is a sound representation of planetary energy. While yan-tra is planet's energy in visual form. Combining the two, engages  both senses and creates a powerful practice. Below you will find the images for each yantra you can purchase as a digital download. Every planet description also tells you the mantra to chant while gazing at the yantra. You can chant planetary mantra 108 times for 40 days starting on a day ruled by the planet you wish to propitiate (Sun - Sunday, Moon - Monday, Mars - Tuesday, Mercury - Wednesday, Jupiter - Thursday, Venus - Friday, Saturn - Saturday).

    You can also place yantra in your house in the area that corresponds to the energy you want to work with. For example, Mars(action) and Sun (confidence) yantras can be placed in the office, Venus (love and affection) in the bedroom, etc. There is also a specific direction associated with every planet, that you can put yantra at.

    Wishing you a blissful practice ✨

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