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Your Path Was Written in the Stars

Book time with Olga Mixon Vedic Astrologer to understand yourself better and live your full potential

Are you leading a life of meaning? 

Our journey in life is pre-determined. We all have free will in how our time on Earth plays out, but it is only when you discover your true purpose in life that you can feel completely satisfied that the decisions you are making are putting you on the right path for YOU.
Hi, I’m Olga, qualified Vedic astrologer. I would like to ask you a question…
Do you ever feel as though you are going against the grain of life, and that EVERYTHING you do feels like a monumental challenge? If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider that you aren’t in a flow because you are not using your gifts and abilities to reach your full potential. It may also mean the choices that have led you here today are not taking you in the direction of where you need to be.
So, what can you do about this?
Vedic Astrology reading can help to guide you!

I have been practicing Vedic astrology since 2013, and I take each reading seriously, giving every client clear feedback and detailed answers. As a qualified Vedic astrologer with a technical background, I am highly analytical. I take exceptional care to take a non-judgmental approach and make accurate predictions when reading your chart. 


It is my intention to provide you with a focused approach and way forward that aligns with you being able to discover your true purpose in life. I do this by maximizing the positive aspects of your birth chart, and addressing the negative aspects in a way that makes practical sense for YOU.


Let me unpack Vedic Astrology for you...

Vedic astrology was originated in India. The word "Vedic" comes from a term “Vedas", ancient Indian writings of the yogis and sages. It is part of a complex and very sophisticated system of teachings that include philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, grammar and other sciences.

"Vedic astrology" is just a western term for Jyotish, which means “the lord if light” as it shines the light on the person’s life. It is called “eye of the Vedas”, because it allows you to see where you are going and determine your future. 

Your natal (or birth) chart, is an imprint of karma that you brought into this lifetime. Your birth chart reading is based on the precise time, date, and place of your birth. Understanding your birth chart can lead to a right path for you in life.

What to expect?

All astrology readings are recorded and video file is sent to you via email 24 hrs after the reading. You'll be able to listen to it again and again any time in future. We can talk on Zoom or on the phone, whatever is your preference.

Money back guarantee. If for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with the reading, I will return your money.

Readings are done in a form of a dialog. You are welcome to interrupt and ask as many questions as you'd like.

My readings are aimed at providing you with an understanding of yourself, so you can live your life to its maximum by using all the talents and gifts you were blessed with. The guidance I give you is also based on current astrological transits and planetary periods.

How I've Helped Others in the Past

It gives me no greater pleasure in this world than being able to provide my clients with clear answers on their path and how this connects to their purpose.

 I've received excellent reviews of my work, which you can read here. Ultimately, my objective is to assist people just like you in meeting your true purpose. When we feel as if we are fulfilling our destiny, it helps us to feel more balanced and happier to wake up each day – knowing we are on the right track.

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