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Yoga Morning

Your perfect start of the day!

Kundalini Yoga Mini Course

Relaxed person is a prosperous one.

When you're calm and relaxed, you are able to see and attract opportunities which you have not noticed before.


These practices will give you an ability to throw off old stress and start your day afresh, in a calm and relaxed state in just 20 minutes.

The way we start the day is extremely important, because it defines how the next 15 - 18 hours will go. And, the way we spend today defines our tomorrow. We clean the physical body in the shower, but our mental mind needs cleansing as well to be focused and productive. Gentle Kundalini yoga stretching and meditation is the way to set yourself for a day full of calm, alertness, and ease. This course is for you if you are looking to start incorporating meditation into your life but do not know where to begin.

 The practices are intentionally short (20 min) and designed to give you a quick elevation so you can go about your day energized and focused. In the videos, I give minimum theory, only precise instructions. It's designed for you to open a computer, put your headphones on, do the practice, and move on with you day. All you need is your computer and 20 min in the morning.

What's inside


Warm up exercises (10 min)

Meditation for Brain Fatigue (9 min)


Warm up exercises (10 min)

Meditation for focus and clarity (11 min)


Warm up exercises (10 min)

Meditation to become fearless (11 min)


Warm up exercises (10 min)

Meditation for prosperity (11 min)


Warm up exercises (10 min)

Meditation to balance Jupiter and Saturn energy (15 min)


Warm up exercises (10 min)

Meditation to remove anxiety (11 min)


Warm up exercises (10 min)

Meditation "Anti stress" (3 min) + Meditation for focus and clarity (3 min)

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About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a technology that was kept in secrecy for thousands of years. This incredibly potent knowledge was passed from teacher to student, one on one. Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga, opened up this technology to a wider audience in 1969. It is freely available now, to everyone, who wants to practice it. Kundalini yoga is considered a Raj Yoga as it incorporates all other types of yoga (mantra, hatha, etc). This is a highly effective and precise technology that is so needed in the modern world and the Age of Aquarius.

This course will give you


“Growing feeling of connection to myself, feels like a rhythm that holds and supports me every day. I noticed that it became easier for me to fall asleep and during the day I am more calm. Daily practice creates a structure that's always there for  me."

Pavel Z, San Francisco, CA

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